Our Story

Well, yello there!
Let’s make someone’s day.

Hi! I’m Lauren, a cat lover, podcast enthusiast, and serial gift giver (there, I said it, someone call crime junkies). But seriously, since you’re here, I’d bet that you are a giver too—#thoughtfulhumanclub

I LOVE sending a good surprise gift. There is something magical in showing up for a family member/friend/partner/coworker/etc. when they least expect it & letting them know you are thinking of them. I love the process of connecting an idea to a person, finding special items, and writing out that meaningful message to make an impact. So one day, I decided to see if I could help other #thoughtfulhumans too…and here we are today @yelloboxco!

I hope you enjoy my small collection of yelloboxes & that you’ll drop me a note if you have any feedback or suggestions—podcast recommendations & cute cat videos are also highly encouraged. Connect with us on social @yelloboxco or email us at

Until then, here’s some photos of me and the yellobox company mascot, Izzy.

Keep on connecting, communicating, and spreading your love. The world needs your compassion.

With love,